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PinkSaalu - About Us

PinkSaalu is a family run Ethical Trade Company dedicated to blending the very best of traditional skills with new and exciting designs. We believe in fair pay and good working conditions, and will only deal with companies when we are satisfied that they have the same standards.

This may mean that we are not always the cheapest, but you can rest assured that the goods you purchase come from a reputable source. We have expanded from Silk Garments to Gifts for Men and Women including items such as a Yoga Bag range, reusable Swimsuit Bags and suitcase tidies for Hair Dryers, Shoes and mini Wash Me Wear Me Bags.

We also do Holistic Uniforms in Natural Fibres and blends for the Mind Body Spirited, Eastern style fashion in Vietnamese Silk and Cotton Silk mix Raw Silk, Accessories such as Scarves, Makeup bags, Travel Bags and Laundry Bags to our special Environmentally Friendly reusable Wet Swimsuit Bag. The bags are always of a high quality and beautifully finished. They are ideal for Birthdays and Xmas and everyday use. Sourced mainly from Vietnam and Thailand.

We also have an exclusive collection of Travel Accessories to reflect the warmth and vibrance of Vietnam, a country that has suffered for many years, but is now emerging with new hope for the future. PinkSaalu is proud to be supporting them. We have called this the Peoples Collection.

Our garments are constantly evolving, with materials ranging from pure silk, raw silk, Chinese silk, cotton and linen. Most of our items are hand made with much of the embroidery done by hand and with sizes ranging from 8 - 38 on many garments, there's something for everyone, including a number of Church Choirs!

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